Friday March 29th 2014

Today was my second tour but I showed a lovely guy from Canada around in beautiful spring-like weather. I was a bit skeptical when I looked out the window this morning and saw snow but it ended up being a beautiful day. Since he was on his own we did a modified version of the tour and fitted in a visit to the Handknitting Association where my new friend bought a beautiful Lopapeysa to take home. Of course I forgot to take his photo (like I forgot to take the photo of the great people that came with me on the first tour) but below you’ll see some of the things we found on our way.

Oh, and I’ve decided to buy a pedometer to see how many steps I’ll take this summer. Judging by the fact I walked 7km today (not just the tour though) I assume there will be quite a few.


I’m really looking forward to the rest of this spring and summer!

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