Icelandic Family Dinner with a charity twist

Enjoy a cozy night with Auður and her family and support a worthy cause. Very limited availability, first come first serve.

We here at I Heart Reykjavík are very grateful for all our blessings and we are always looking at ways to pay it forward. Last year we organized a charity walkathon, gave some money to a homeless shelter for women and helped a little girl realize her dream.

This year we want to try something different: You are hereby cordially invited into Auður’s home (the owner and founder of I Heart Reykjavík) where you will get a chance to meet her family in their home and enjoy a nice home cooked meal. Instead of paying for dinner you will donate an amount of your choice (minimum of 2500 ISK per person) to our charity fund which will go undivided to the Children’s Hospital here in Reykjavík at the end of the year. You get an enjoyable evening in an Icelandic home and some sick children get the important equipment they need. Everybody wins.

Please note, because of the numerous requests we’re receiving about alternative dates for the dinners, that the availability you see here on the booking engine is the only availability we have. We cannot offer the dinners on other dates and we cannot accommodate groups bigger than 4.

The meal

The menu of the night is a surprise but we promise a main course and dessert. The keyword here is casual so don’t expect anything fancy. What you can expect is a nice family dinner, something that we would eat in our home and serve to our immediate family. This could be a hearty meat soup, the boyfriend’s famous salted cod fish gratin or rice pudding and slátur. The dessert will be home made and something scrumptious.

Unfortunately, since our kitchen is small and our means limited, we can’t cater especially to vegetarians and vegans. Since we’re not used to cooking vegetarian or vegan food we probably wouldn’t be any good at it anyway. Please let us know (using the Special Request box in the booking process) if you have any severe allergies so we don’t accidentally kill you.

The Charity

Ásta, our friend and guide here at I Heart Reykjavík, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a few years ago that was in a big rush to get into the world. She wasn’t expected until around three months later and because of her hasty arrival she had to spend the first few weeks of her life in the Children’s hospital. Ásta has always talked very fondly of her time in the Children’s hospital, where no parent realistically wants to be with their newborn child, so when we were discussing who to support this year she suggested the hospital.

The money will be spent on whatever the staff at the hospital sees fit, whether it will be something that makes the lives of the children and their parents a little easier or a fund to buy necessary equipment for the hospital. At the end of the year we will share with everyone what we could do with the money so that everyone who donated will see where their money went.