The I Heart Reykjavík Walking Tour


Get to know Reykjavík with the tour recommended by the New York Times and more importantly: lots of happy travelers!

The I Heart Reykjavík Walking Tour is the only daily walking tour in Reykjavík that guarantees small group sizes to ensure a a more personal experience for all. The tour is like a crash course in everything Reykjavík with a new friend that can’t wait to show you their quirky little city. The aim is for you to leave the tour hearting Reykjavík too and with your head full of ideas about what to do next!

Because of the limited availability our tours often sell out so we would recommend you don’t leave it to last minute to book. We really don’t like it when we have to turn people away!

Reykjavík City Tour

Unique local insights

Reykjavík is easy to navigate by foot and you can of course get a map at the tourist information and head out and explore on your own. What you’ll gain from joining the I Heart Reykjavík Walking Tour is a unique insight into the city’s history and local life with a native Icelander that lives and breaths this city every day.

With the “versatile” Icelandic weather it can also be tempting to go on a bus tour around Reykjavík but we feel you miss all the best bits on a bus. Reykjavík’s charm is not about big landmarks or must see tourists spots – it’s about the friendly people, atmospheric bars and cafes and that “je ne sais quoi” you will best experience exploring the city by foot.

Small group sizes – lots of opportunities for your questions

i heart reykjavik tour

Because the groups are small (max 12 people) there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions about anything that pops into mind during the tour. The guide’s local knowledge and our genuine wish that you get the most our of your visit to Reykjavík will ensure we’ll provide you with all the answers you need. Please remember though that we can’t answer your questions if you don’t ask them. So don’t be shy and take advantage of your time with a local.

The best places to eat, drink and be merry

Apart from visiting some of Reykjavík’s most interesting areas and landmarks your guide will point out great restaurants, charming cafes and happy hour worthy bars along the way. We don’t necessarily recommend the fanciest places in town (we can tell you where they are if you want to know) but just places we enjoy or that have been recommended to us by friends, family and your fellow travelers.

Not convinced? See what our previous guests have to say

“Auður and her walking tour are absolutely wonderful.”

Auður's tour was a wonderful introduction to Reykjavík. She is friendly and incredibly knowledgeable and her tour was really fun. It felt like a friend was showing us around their city, complete with special out of the way spots and a cat that follows along with you on part of the walk. Her blog iheartreykjaví was extremely helpful in our trip preparation, and in person, she had great recommendations based on our interests. We saw some things, thanks to her, that ended up being highlights of our trip. And we ate incredibly well in Reykjavík, thanks to her tips as well. Five stars for Auður and iheartreykjavík!
Brooklyn / New York
“Feel at home”

Auður's tour is something special. She knows the usual tourist info, but what she adds is the love of her home which she passes on. It was like being taken round by a very knowledgeable friend. She left you feeling like you really knew the place, rather than just knowing the tourist bits. Our only regret was that the tour wasn't the minute we arrived in Reykjavik as she had so many useful tips. She is a fantastic ambassador for her country. Highly recommended.
Hertfordshire / England
“Exploring with a local”

We had the privilege of being only two people with Audur on Sunday morning. The tour took us through some places we would have never thought to go and explore. It gave a great look at local street art as well as some great places to sample some local food. I would highly recommend the tour as part of your trip to Reykjavik! Thanks for the awesome tips and places to see!
Miami / Florida
“Wonderful Start to a Wonderful Trip”

It is hard to add to a review with a nearly 100% excellent rating other than to say that the previous reviewers got it right. This tour was affordable and informative, it really set the tone for our trip and is a wonderful use of your time for the first few hours of your stay in Iceland. I highly recommend taking this tour in your first days as it will open your eyes to things you want to investigate further and places you never thought about. They mean it when they say small group size and I think it is what sets them apart!
Evergreen / Colorado

The Neon Warriors are happy to report that the I Heart Reykjavik tour was absolutely delightful. Could not recommend it more. Auður is very knowledgeable and happy to make little stops along the way for a picture, coffee or quick bite to eat. Also, we loved meeting other folks visiting Iceland who joined us on the tour. We met up with them later in the week which we couldn't have done without I Heart Reykjavik. Xo!
Portland / Maine
“Seeing Reykjavik close up with a fascinating and knowledgeable friend.”

A perfect introduction to Reykjavik and it's many charms. We would have probably missed the Sculpture Garden hiding in plain sight. And the extraordinary street Art. I shall call our fantastic guide 'I Heart Reykjavik' as I'm not good at Icelandic spelling. And we 'heart' her.
Queens / New York
“Enjoyable tour, knowledgable guide, Reykjavik from a locals view”

It was an cold, windy, and at times rainy day when our party of four met Auður for our tour. After managing to prove that we were completely unable to pronounce her name properly she proceeded to guide us through the city showing us historical landmarks, good restaurants, place to shop (and places not to shop), and a great introduction to some of the unique neighborhoods that probably would not have been on other tours.

Auður was a fantastic guide, charming, knowledgeable, and very flexible. She gave us the tour we wanted rather than delivering a "canned" tour. I suspect that every tour is a little different, guided by the interests of the people on the tour. I can't recommend her highly enough. We would take another tour with her when we go back to Reykjavik.
Harry M
Durham / New Hampshire

The iheartwalkingtour with Auður was amazing! I highly recommend going on the tour upon arriving at Reykjavik because she points out all the great places to eat, drink, shop, and sightsee. She is also incredibly knowledgeable of the city and she adds personal anecdotes to the tour that make it a truly authentic Icelandic experience. She even spends some time at the end to teach some Icelandic catch phrases. She is very funny and you will absolutely have a wonderful time! Highly recommend!
Valley Stream / New York
“Walking Tour”

I really enjoyed this walking tour. I especially liked the fact that Auður took us to the more 'alternative' places of interest. I would not have been interested in a bog-standard, run-of-the-mill tour and thankfully I didn't get one. Auður was happy to answer questions, I find that I still have a list of questions I would like to ask now - Iceland is such an interesting place. You would do well to start off your stay in Iceland with one of Auður's tours.
Northamptonshire / United Kingdom
“Really insightful tour!”

This is a good tour to do on your first day in Reykjavik. Auður is very knowledgeable. Lots of interesting facts and good tips. Definitely recommend!
Shaun N
Aberta / Canada

Bookable extra: Síminn SIM card

Because we know how much you like to stay connected (how else are you going to post all those photos to Instagram? – #helloreykjavik) you can add a Síminn SIM card to your booking. The Síminn SIM card includes 2000 ISK worth of credit and you can easily top up online if you run out. You can also buy (some say ridiculously cheap) data packages online once you have the card. Easy peasy.

The Síminn SIM card costs 2000 ISK and includes 2000 ISK worth of credit.

 Private tours and groups

If you have any special requests or you just want to have the guide to yourself we can offer you and your party a private tour. Unless otherwise specified the private tours are a smaller more intimate versions of our group tours and we can be more flexible based on our guests interests and special needs.

For more information about our private tours, please be in touch via e-mail.

Big groups is really not our thing, we prefer things to be a bit smaller and more personal, but if you twist our arm and our schedule allows for it we might be able to accommodate your group.

More questions about the tour?

If you have more questions about the tour please check out these frequently asked questions. You might also want to check out some more comments from previous guests on Tripadvisor.



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