September 15th 2014

How is your day going? Has life been treating you well lately? On this side of the pond things are super duper and the reason is simple: I’ve been getting some seriously nice folks on the tours the last few days.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t met a single person this summer that I haven’t liked and usually I come from every tour thinking that this was the best group yet but for the last few days the stars have aligned in a special way and there has been a very nice atmosphere around my groups. I think maybe I also feel like this because the stress (that was taking over at times this summer) is mostly gone and I feel like I can breath again. This was a REALLY busy summer.

So maybe the tours this week have just been normal (I do after all have the best guests in Iceland in general) – maybe it’s just me that is enjoying it more now that things have slowed down a bit.

Anyway, today I had a fully booked tour and it was a blast. I even got an applause at the end and I don’t hate that. Then I had a private tour in the afternoon with some of the most positive people I’ve ever met. I thought I was pretty good at this whole being positive thing but after meeting them I now see I’m a total amateur. Such nice people, loved every minute of it.



In other news, the Northern Lights season has officially started in Iceland and here in Reykjavík. Took the photo below not far from the Sun Voyager on Friday night. It was quite something.

Norhern Lights

One thought on “September 15th 2014”

  1. Nilesh says:

    So jealous!!! The solar flares this summer were supposed to produce aurora as far south as New York and Maryland (where I live) but as far as I can tell, it didn’t happen. I would love to see them when we come in Feb.

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