Tuesday November 25th 2014

It’s ironic that finally when I update the walking tour diary that I do it on a day that I actually didn’t have any tours. Maybe I’m doing it now because those kind of days are the only days that I have time for these sort of things.

I’m still working like the busy bee I am, showing people around Reykjavík almost every day, no matter the weather. Actually, the weather has been amazingly mild for this time of year lately so I can’t really complain about it. We’ve also been lucky here in Reykjavík because we haven’t really been affected by that stubborn volcano in the northeast that refuses to stop erupting and the pollution it’s spewing all over the place – knock on wood.

The city is getting prettier by the day with all the Christmas lights come up although I almost threw a fit (on the inside only, of course) when I was somewhere today where they were playing Silent Night. It’s too early for that! As if that isn’t bad enough, they played it twice in a row.

Speaking of Christmas, I’m only taking three days off this Christmas (23rd, 25th and 26th) so if you’re traveling to Reykjavík over Christmas you know where to find me. I’m getting sold out from the 27th though so you should probably hurry to book so you don’t miss your spot.

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