Tuesday September 9th 2014

Remember that time we had summer in Reykjavík? The sun shined (every now and again) and if you were really determined you could wear a t-shirt during your prancing around Reykjavík. Yes, I’m talking about two weeks ago.

Well, that time is gone. In a single day we went from summer (or you know, Icelandic summer) to fall and all the trees decided it was time to boogie it down naked without their leaves. Soon, winter will be upon us. But not until I’ve enjoyed some more cozy evenings in my wool socks, drinking tea by candle light, listening to the wind howl outside.

Of course the weather is always lovely between approximately 10am and noon.


In other news, the mysterious person with all the flower pots on the red wall in the little street with all the murals threw me a curve ball last week when I showed up and the flowers were gone. It’s an end of yarn bombing flower pot era. At least the yarn is still there.

The red wall

I had a great group of people on this morning’s tour. Some ladies from Canada on their way back home from a European vacation, some lovely Australians and a couple from Sweden on their way to do a horse riding tour for a whole week. Despite some wind and a tiny bit of rain everyone seemed to enjoy it and I even got an applause at the end of the tour. I don’t hate that!

I’m getting more and more excited about doing the tours in winter. Can’t wait to show people around in the snow and with Christmas lights all over the place. I think I’m more of a winter person. When I’m dressed right at least.

One thought on “Tuesday September 9th 2014”

  1. Christa says:

    We are also excited about you doing tours this winter! Winter is when we’ll be in amazing Reykjavik.

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