Wednesday June 25th 2014

The last few days have been busy. So busy. But so great at the same time. I’ve loved every minute of it – even the pouring rain and wind we had yesterday.

The photo below is from a private tour I did with this wonderful Icelandic/Canadian family over the weekend. The grandpa of the family, who lived here for a while a long time ago and was still carrying around money that we stopped using before I was born, knitted the whole family these fantastic Icelandic sweaters for their trip.




I had such a wonderful time with them – what a great bunch of super nice people. Really. In the best sweaters.

I can’t put into words, at least not without getting all misty eyed, the gratitude I feel when I think about all the people that have been on my tour. People are so kind. Tonight I, for example, had a fantastically fun couple from South Carolina on my tour that said so many nice things about me that I got totally embarrassed and didn’t know how to behave. They had been referred to me by another nice guest who was on my tour last week and apparently was recommending me to everyone. This support means the world to me and I’m amazed every day at the kindness of strangers that I’ve sometimes never even met who are routing for me all the way.

Flabbergasted. That’s the word that best describes my feelings right now. Oh no, here come the waterworks…


One thought on “Wednesday June 25th 2014”

  1. Melissa says:

    Those sweaters are amazing!! So happy I found your blog, I hope to be coming to Iceland with a good friend in January 2015 and now I’ve found a good source to plan my trip with, thanks!

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